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21 days to form a new habit – part two!

August 25, 2016

IMG_8946  21 days to form a new habit - part two! IMG 8946IMG_9633  21 days to form a new habit - part two! IMG 9633


Pheeew 🙂


So, I have now completed the second week of my 21 days to become a morning person challenge. And my headline says it all PHEEEEW  – and then life happened 🙂 This week I´ve had more work than usual and some later nights, so it´s definitely not been with as much flow as I thought it would be. But hey – it´s ok!! I guess that´s why a new habit needs time to settle – no!?

For those of you who have not seen my initial post you can read my motivation below or you can find the whole post here

I´ve always wanted to become a morning person – you know one of those people who gets up at 5.30 to meditate, go for a run or do yoga and shower and maybe even have the breakfast ready for the rest of the family before they wake up. This past year i have been extremely tired and in need for MANY hours of sleep (when i could sleep at all) but now that I have a little more energy I´ve decided to give this a try! – why not! what´s to loose
Getting up at 5.30 will give me the opportunity to get some time alone for training and meditation.


Here is how day 8-14 went day by day:

DAY 8. Flying out of bed
5.30am I fly out of bed and drink my morning elixir
short 10 min meditation followed by 45 min of MediYoga and a shower
Everyone gets up and we eat breakfast together before we are all off to start our day. I´m teaching contemporary dance this morning – love it 🙂


DAY 9. Going with the flow
Today is a complete copy of yesterday – this is flowing good 🙂 And i´m ending today thinking that maybe I don´t even need 21 days… But then I have a bit of a hard time getting my corpus, which is by the way very sore from all the dancing, to bed!!


DAY 10. What happened!?

The alarm rings, and I turn it off –just like that!

Waking up I have no idea what time it is, but the others are still sleeping. I stumble out of bed – meditating for 15 minutes and my family wakes up. Im having a quite groggy and unfocused day – I just have no idea if it’s because of this little challenge, or if I just have to much on my plate this week. Maybe it is a combo – who knows. Now its 9:30pm and I’m of to count some sheep’s.


DAY 11. What a crazy night
I feel like I haven´t been sleeping at all, or at least on and off in-between vivid dreams
5.15am I get up and drink my elixir
meditate 20 mins and do 30 mins of nice easy yoga
Shower and breakfast and I’m out of the door at 8.15 to prepare a bit and teach my last dance class this time around.
In despite of a bad night and a very tired morning I´m having an awesome day with all the elements that i love: Work, training, family and socializing with friends.
I have now passed the halfway point of the 21 day challenge. I´m proud of myself so far 🙂


DAY 12. zzzzzzzz
I have no idea if I set my alarm last night or not, if it rang and I turned it off, BUT I didn’t wake up until 8.30 – Must have needed those extra hours for sure – what the heck – it´s ok 🙂 I´m enjoying a lovely day off with the two most important people in my life!


DAY 13. Back on track
I snooze once and get up at 5.45am.
Meditate for 20 minutes and do
a bit of yoga before the little one joins me in a downward dog.


DAY 14. I wonder if this is possible or just a bad idea?
Yesterday I helped some good friends move and it was a long drive home. It was way pass midnight before I got to bed
7.00 get up with the rest of the family.
No meditation
No Yoga
today is a proper monday morning 🙂


The last day of my second week has left me with a bit of a bitter taste for this little challenge. However looking back at both week one and two, I conclude that it´s not so bad at all. Off course I will continue, because I´m still very curious if this habit can really settle in only 21 days.
I guess I will find out next week.


I hope you will join me:-)


IMG_9263  21 days to form a new habit - part two! IMG 9263

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