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Falling in love with Autumn

September 22, 2016

Autumn –the season of transitions is here.

Even though it´s still warm outside, the colours of the trees are changing as well as the light is changing from bright to golden. I find autumn paticulary beautiful with it´s red golden and orange colors – in contrast to a deep blue sky. For me autumn is also a time for reflection and transformation on a personal level. This is the time when I think about the challenges I´ve had the past year: what they taught me, and how and if it changed me. I reflect upon all the things and events that i´m grateful for, and I think this year the list longer than ever ☺

We, as humans, are dynamic beings. Therefore, transformation is a natural and necessary part of our life. It can be difficult, but manageable if we learn to listen and reflect on the past. This is easier said than done, I know. Sometimes we are so busy that we can´t hear or we, purposely, don´t listen to our soul.

My reflections on passed events has led me to the following conclusion.


Things I want to do this autumn:

  • A real must for me this autumn is to do a week get-away with my family To a place where we can indulge the smells and sensations of this beautiful season. Hopefully a place that has both Forest, mountains and the sea!
  • Go swimming in the leaves with my daughter – fell the happiness of life together. We have a park around the corner that’s always full of beautiful yellow leaves. We will go there!!
  • Indulge in the foods of the season. Beetroot hummus is on my list for next week already ☺
  • Start going to the sauna again and prepare for the revitalizing dip in the sea all the way through the winter season.
  • Deepen my yoga-practice and let the practise accompany my seasonal transformation.

I love the Autumn fashion – probably my favorite season with its warm and deep nuances and I ´m even looking forward to take my wollen sweaters out of the wardrobe again.

I would love to hear what you are looking forward to in autumn. Maybe we can help each other find even more wonderful, beautiful and meaningful experiences while the air is golden, and nature dresses like a fairytale ☺


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