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September 9, 2016

 It´s the little things that give life it´s magic

It´s the little things that give lit it´s magic. But it´s sometimes easy to forget. Here is some of my magic moments from the last 2 weeks

Littlebigthings  LittleBigThings#2 DSC04135 e1482442227235

(A taste of Autumn at the beach)

LittleBigThings  LittleBigThings#2 IMG 0088 1 e1482442279490

(Accidental running selfie 🙂 )

littlebigthings  LittleBigThings#2 IMG 0012

(This makes me happy – the yoga – not the sign)

substandardfullsizerender  LittleBigThings#2 SubstandardFullSizeRender

(Pildamsparken in Malmö on a beautiful day)

dsc03969  LittleBigThings#2 DSC03969

(Playtime with my girl)

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