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September 26, 2016

 It´s the little things that give life it´s magic

There is so much wickedness in our world today and life can be both hard, challenging and terrifying. And I believe that it´s especially important to remember all the things that make your life wonderful. In my LittleBigThings project I´m trying to capture simple everyday moments or things to remind me that life is wonderful and magical.

dsc04330  LittleBigThings#4 DSC04330

(Family-Sunday trip to Torup recreation area)

dsc04341  LittleBigThings#4 DSC04341

(Torup Castle)

dsc04350  LittleBigThings#4 DSC04350 e1474882840354

(this one!! Pure beauty)

img_0322  LittleBigThings#4 IMG 0322 1

(Sauna season has started – more about this in another post very soon)

This weekend we went to Torup recreation center in Skåne, and had a wonderful time playing in the park of the castle and my daughter tried horse (pony) riding for the first time. She was mesmerized, so I think we have to find more opportunities with horses in a near future. If you have any recommendations i´m all ears. This week was also my 2016 premiere week for sauna and skinny dipping, this is to be continued in another post.

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