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My morning elixir

September 14, 2016

Quite a few times in my series of my 21 days to become a morning person challenge I have mentioned that I´m a happy consumer of my morning elixir.

Every morning I make myself a little healthy cocktail which makes me feel good and kicks my day off. I would love to share the recipe with you, and the benefits of the different ingredients.

If you google morning elixir or morning tonic you will find lots of recipes and they are all good for different bodies in different periods. This is the one that is good for me right now, but sometimes it changes depending on my life situations.

Ingridients and how to:

  • The juice of half a lemon (preferably organic)
  • 1 tablespoon of Appel cider vinegar (organic and unfiltered)
  • 1 tablespoon of good quality Tumeric
  • 1 dash of cayenne
  • 1 days of honey (organic and unheated)
  • mix everything in a glass of warm water (half boiled/half cold)


And what are the benefits of that craziness?

Lemon: Lemon is a natural detoxifier and it´s packed with vitamin C. Lemon is strengthening the digestion and stimulates the production of digestive juices. Drinking Lemon the first thing in the morning is an exellent way to help your body to flush out the toxins that it has been working hard to eliminate during the night and keep the body more alkaline during the day.

Appel cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has many benefits and you can use it both inside and on your body. In this context Apple cider vinegar can help stimulate cardiovascular circulation and help to detoxify the liver. It can even help balancing your blood sugar level. Make sure you buy one that is ecological and unfiltered.

Tumeric: Tumeric is somehow the ultimate spice! It has many great health benefits. Tumeric is from southeast Asia. It has been used for thousands of years in the Ayurvedic tradition where it is considered a herb that purified the entire body. One of its components is called curcumin. Curcumin is a very strong antioxidant and has potent anti-inflammatory effects. Regular intake may play a role in lowering the risks of heart disease and even cancer. Tumeric is also known to improve brain function, which is great when you recover from burnout related brain damage. You can find much more information on tumeric here 

Cayenne pepper: Cayenne Pepper is wellknown as a digestive aid. It´s a metabolic booster and it increases circulation both around the heart and the rest of the body, and has detoxifying properties. Cayenne pepper is packed with beta carotene and antioxidants that supports the immune system and is therefore great to prevent a Flu!

Honey: I have mainly used honey as a sweetener in this spicy cocktail, and I have sometimes even left it out. But honey also have some great health benefits that should not be overlooked. Since the glucose in honey is absorbed in the body very fast it gives energy and helps prevent fatigue during exercise. So if I´m going for a run or to a dance or yoga class, it´s in the mix.

Remember this is the morning drink I prefer because it helps ME right now. Maybe you need other booster in your life, and you will then need to search for another solution. But this one will never harm you, only help you. (unless of course you are allergic)

Good luck finding your magic morning elixir 🙂

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