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Opening a new door – becoming a MediYoga teacher.

September 29, 2016

In the beginning of September I began a new education as a MediYoga teacher. It feels like a door to a whole new world is opening.

What is MediYoga

MediYoga is a Swedish therapeutic yoga form Developed by Göran Boll at IMY –institute for Medicine Yoga in Stockholm. MediYoga originates from Kundalini yoga, but the exercises in MediYoga is performed slower than in the traditional Kundalini yoga.

MediYoga goes beyond and beneath the symptoms that the person shows. It focuses directly on the underlying imbalances and stimulate the body’s own self-healing abilities.

Everyone can do MediYoga – young and old – and also people with special challenges – eg. Back pain, breathing difficulties, stress, sleep problems, mild depression, Migraine or maybe just with a little uneasiness of body and mind.

MediYoga is based on Swedish Science see more here 


What does the practice give me?

MediYoga was one of a few elements I brought into my life last year in the journey towards a more balanced life. I have been practicing MediYoga for a bit more than a year now, and I have great respect for how the yoga’s influence on both my body and my soul. The simple movements combined with longer meditations and breath work has helped me reconnect with my body.

imgp3749  Opening a new door - becoming a MediYoga teacher. IMGP3749 1Why do I want to become a teacher and share this practice with others?

I´ve gone though some life lessons that have made me want to take a deeper look into my soul

For me Yoga is very much a healing practice. The immediate effect that MediYoga has had on me in both the short and long term is absolutely fantastic, both as a partner to regain a mental balance and relative to various bodily pain. And this is something that I really want pass on and share with others.


I’m happy that I have embarked this journey and I’m looking forward to immerse myself even more in MediYoga.




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