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Pomegranate – The king of Antioxidants

November 4, 2016

Is Pomegranate the king of Antioxidants? It could be!

Many studies have shown that they have incredible benefits for your body. With its high content of Vitamin C and exceptionally high levels of the polyphenol ellagitannin, the Pomegranate is a potent anti inflammatory and antioxidant.

The Pomegranate has only been popular in the European market less that twenty years. But pomegranate juice has been used several hundred years in Iran and Syria and was an early symbol of fertility, love and eternal life.

Pomegranate – The king of Antioxidants
King Solomon’s crown is said to have been modeled after the look of the Pomegranates crown. And this became the model for the crown of all Kings.

We mainly use the seeds of the Pomegranate for ex. Juice, in salads or as muesli, but even the shell possesses an antioxidant effect. The many seeds of the Pomegranate represent about 50 percent by weight. The heavier the fruit, the better


Short about AntioxidantsPomegranate - the king of antioxidants pomegranate - the king of antioxidants Pomegranate - The king of Antioxidants IMGP4461

Antioxidants are necessary in the body and one of the most important ingredients in an anti-inflammatory diet – healing foods.
You could say that the Antioxidants are the sanitary workers in your body.
Antioxidants are able to neutralize free radicals, preventing them from damaging the body. If the amount of Free Radicals gets to high in the body occurs so-called oxidative stress, which can cause damage on cells and tissue. Examples of diseases that may result from such injuries are cancer, atherosclerosis, inflammatory illness in the intestines and Alzheimer’s.

Some antioxidants are produced by the body to naturally defend against oxidative stress. However, the body’s own defenses with antioxidants must be enhanced by antioxidants we get from food. Therefore its important choose foods rich in Antioxidants. There are numerous different antioxidants that benefit our health. Often, the most colourful foods, like the Pomegranate, have contains the very best antioxidants. (source Näringsmedicinska uppslagsboken by Peter Wilhelmsson)

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