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November 30, 2016

Review : Bodywork

  • Or: one of the best things I ever did – and still do – for myself

Today I want to talk a little about why this particular bodytreatment is worth coming back to again and again… and again.

Besides being the owner of Bodywork in Malmö, Marie Sol is also a lifesaver.
I have visited Marie Sols Clinic regularly for bodytreatment since I collapsed with stress in 2015. Now one year and a half later I´m still a regular because it really works.

For me it´s immensely important that the therapist im going to have a holistic perspective
– a connection between physicality, thoughts and emotions. That is exactly what Marie has.
She uses her professionalism mixed with intuition to help me connect the dots. We work on heart, head, emotions and physicality, in an incredibly safe environment.

The treatment consists of Deep tissue massage with pulsation, loosening of the joints and reflexology which is pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears that corresponds to different body organs to mention some. Working and massaging the diaphragm, the breath becomes deeper and flows more freely.
I´m not going to lie, this treatment can sometimes be painful. Sometimes it even takes me on a sort of emotional roller coaster from laughter to crying – to feeling happy or angry.
When that happens, it feels like I´m allowing my body to let go! Always followed by a sense of release, making me feel lighter, at ease and more present in my body. It is a beautiful sensation, and healing for body and mind.

When I started coming to Marie Sol for treatment it was partly because she is a dear friend and she already knew about my burnout and I trust her as a person which in my “state” made me feel safe.
However, this is not why I continue to come back.
In our sessions, we, in collaboration, have created a flow in my body and put some motion into something that was static. Not only stiff muscles and joints, but emotional as well. I feel that Marie’s treatment works fantastic along side with the other things I did and still do for my self (Meditation, breath-work and yoga).

In this treatment you need to be actively present – it´s not a workout, but you need to work with your mind to allow the release. A session with Marie Sol can be hard work, but I promise you
that it´s worth it 🙂

If you live in Malmö or if you ever visit, I will highly recommend that you pay Marie Sol a visit at Bodywork.

Marie Sol Sandberg owner of Bodywork review : bodywork REVIEW : BODYWORK sol

Marie Sol Sandberg owner of Bodywork

What is bodywork:

Bodywork is a Malmö based clinic for … yes bodywork.

Bodywork is owned by Marie Sol Sandberg has a background as a professional dancer and dance teacher. For Marie the body has always been her starting point in life, therefore the transition into body therapy was very natural for her to pursue. After she re-trained to become a Body Control Pilates instructor, Japanese Cosmo lifting therapist and masseur, she is now training to become a ManuVision Therapist.

More info about Marie Sol and BodyWork here

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