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Skiing No skiing

April 18, 2017
Skiing No skiing

In the very last week of March my family and me took the train a little 11-hour trip halfway up in Sweden to Lofsdalen in south Härjedalen, to do some Skiing. We were invited to join my partners parents for the week and we were all exited to go.

I had my first skiing experience last year, at the age of 38. And since that went well I had high expectation to learn more and get better this year. As you can probably feel from the intro it did not go quite as I had planned 🙂  it was also the second time for our 4-year-old daughter.

When we arrived we were greeted by my partners parents who took us to their cabin.
An authentic and cozy little cabin with just enough space for the 5 of us. We had a warm dinner and a good nights rest in our bunk beds. The next morning we were of to rent equipment and then straight to the ski-slopes.

The first day went well, nice and easy a bit in the children’s slopes a bit further up in the easy slopes, which admittedly where not that easy for me. –Or to put it straight I absolutely suck at this 🙂

We send our daughter to skiing school everyday for a bit more than an hour. Lofsdalens skiing school for Kids was nothing less than amazing.

Skiing No skiing skiing no skiing Skiing No skiing DSC05209

The teachers was not only great at teaching their skills, but they were also really wonderful with the kids, making them trust themselves and have fun while learning. It was amazing to see her growing with the task, getting better and getting more and more brave everyday. Damn, I would like to be 4 years old and learn this!!

I had planned to join skiing school aswell, but I found out that it wasnt that easy. I would have to book private lessons! And even if that would probably be better. I just could not get my self to sign up…. too much attention for a skiing dummie 🙂  I felt stupid enough even without a private teacher 🙂

Already at the end of the first day I started getting pain in my knee from my very bad skiing-technique. First I thought that this little pain would most probably go away when I got a little more steady at this activity. However this pain did not go away, but got worse and worse as the days passed by. So by Wednesday I was done skiing. This became my Skiing no Skiing vacation. When I realised that I had to stop, it made me feel very small and agitated, but hey!  I simply did not think that it was worth it to be honest. So I decided to make the best out of it.

Skiing No skiing skiing no skiing Skiing No skiing IMG 2480Lucky for me I could still go both up and down with the chair lifts, so I was spending more time just sitting at the top of the mountain taking in the breathtaking landscape and the clean mountain air, bringing along my camera. I was also enjoying the evenings spend with my little one, my partner and his parents.

Was that my last experience skiing? No definitely not 🙂  it’s never too late to learn. Maybe I will always stay on the family friendly ski slopes, but I’m fine with that.

The landscape, the fresh air and the good company is more than enough for me.

Did you go skiing this year? How was your experience? any tips?

Love K



Place: Lofsdalen, Härjedalen – Sweden
Time: last week of March 2017

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Skiing No skiing skiing no skiing Skiing No skiing IMG 2425 e1492435722516

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