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Sustainable Skincare – Organic Makers

October 1, 2016

In our family we try to avoid all processed food or food with any chemicals in them, and stick to mostly organic food. Likewise I’m working on getting a completely sustainable and chemical free bathroom cabinet, for both my family and me. I have to admit that it takes time and I still have some products that do not give me a clean conscious.

This week I ordered home 2 different oils from Organic Makers to try out. Almond oil for my body. Argan oil for my hair.

Organic Makers is a Swedish DIY organic skincare brand based here in Malmö. Going through their website it’s easy to get inspired to make your own basic skincare – who knows this might be the next move to really understands what’s in the products that I use daily.


Almond Oil

I have used Almond oil for many years as a make-up remover and body oil.

Organic cold-pressed almond oil. An oil suitable for all skin types, even the baby care. Contains vitamin E and plenty of unsaturated fatty acids, which is moisturizing. Organic-makers suggest that it’s easy basic oil that you mix with other oils for ex. Rose hip, hemp or pomegranate for a more luxurious facial and body oil.


Argan Oil

I bought Organic Makers Argan oil to treat my summer-dry hair, but you can even use it on dry and mature skin. Argan oil comes from Morocco, where it is pressed from the kernels of the Argan tree fruits.

A few drops of Argan oil is enough to make my hair fell fresh and it doesn’t makes it greasy. You can even use the oil as an overnight hair mask.

Organic Makers Argan oil is organically grown and Fair Trade. It’s full of essential fatty acids and unique synergy of bioactive substances. Find more info about the Argan oils properties at Organic Makers DIY blog.


I´m in love Organic Makers – the knowledge that the products are completely clean, organic and of good quality together with the fact that the packaging is beautifully done just makes the experience even more lush.

Who knows maybe I’ll be making my own skincare soon – I’m surely inspired 🙂 


(This is not a sponsored post)

imgp3730 sustainable skincare – organic makers Sustainable Skincare – Organic Makers IMGP3730

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