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Take a deep breath!

February 27, 2017
Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath! Breathing is the first thing we do when we arrive to this earth and the last thing we do as we take our goodbyes. In this post I will cover a little basic stuff about breathing and why it is important to give our breathing patterns a bit more love and attention.

Our breath is vital to our existence but not something we spend too much time thinking about. Our breath is controlled by our autonomic nervous system, and we can breathe without doing anything whether we are awake or sleeping.

Even if breathing is something we, luckily, do on complete autopilot, most of us have a lot to win by giving our breath and breathing patterns a little more love and attention.

During my time as a gymnast and later in my professional career as a dancer I have been taught to use my breath in a very specific way mostly focusing on laterally breathing. I remember being taught that of you hold your abs in with a strong center and breathe through your rib-cage I would create freedom in my body… –seriously? Yes it´s important to support the core, but it´s not the only truth.

A superficial breathing pattern can lead to poor blood circulation, poor digestion, back pain and exhaustion.
When we don´t breathe deep enough our bodies don´t get enough oxygen – it´s that simple!

When I was extremely stressed I started to develop severe chest pain. It diden´t come overnight, but was sneaking in on me over a long period. I got prescribed medication for heartburn, I had an electrocardiogram done which off course came out completely normal.
It was only after I was diagnosed with burnout, and I gave myself the time to dive back into my body that I realised that my breath was pretty blocked. Today I believe that my breathing could be one of the reasons I developed chest pain.

Today, I pay a lot of attention to my breath. It´s not constantly deep and slow. I also have periods were my breath feels more shallow. However working with diaphragm breathing is one of the things that helps me get in touch with my breath, my body and my emotions on a daily basis and it makes my body feel more free.

Breathing is without a doubt the body´s most important priority. Because if we don´t breathe we cannot live. Our breathing is also very close connected to our emotions. If we are stressed, scared, angry or sad, we tend to shallow our breathing and only breath at the top of our lungs. In contrast, when we are relaxed breathing slowly from our abdomen becomes easier.

If we do pay extra attention to our breathing patterns and consciously breathes slowly from our abdomen, our chest open in the same way as when we feel joy and happiness and let go of our inner tension.
It will give us more strength and energy in our everyday life, improve concentration and make us feel so much healthier and happier and less stressed.

Our breathing might be automated, but it´s all about filling our bodies with energy and create balance in our body, mind and soul. A balance that will ultimately lead to a deep and fundamental awareness within ourself.
Very soon I will share a wonderful breathing exercise that you can do at home.
Take a deep breath and enjoy the calmness 🙂

Love and curiosity

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  • Reply Sofia Werlin - mammaliv & hälsoliv July 28, 2017 at 10:48 am

    Himla bra och intressant läsning!

  • Reply Nina, Min Klockaregård July 29, 2017 at 8:26 am

    Verkligen nyttig läsning! Jag kan ibland när jag bli stressad få känslan av att inte få luft alls. Ångestframkallande. Djupa och medvetna andetag kan hjälpa mot mycket.

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