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21 days to form a new habit – part one!

August 17, 2016

IMG_9685-2  21 days to form a new habit – part one! IMG 9685 2IMG_9669  21 days to form a new habit – part one! IMG 9669

Good morning 🙂 
So, the first week of my 21 days to become a morning person has passed, and I can honestly tell you that it has been with up´s and down´s. For those of you who have not seen my initial post you can read my motivation below or you can find the whole post here


I´ve always wanted to become a morning person – you know one of those people who gets up at 5.30 to meditate, go for a run or do yoga and shower and maybe even have the breakfast ready for the rest of the family before they wake up. This past year i have been extremely tired and in need for MANY hours of sleep (when i could sleep at all) but now that I have a little more energy I´ve decided to give this a try! – why not! what´s to loose
Getting up at 5.30 will give me the opportunity to get some time alone for training and meditation.


First of all I still think this is an absolutely great idea, even if it does not work for me every day. It seems that it´s not only me, but the whole family that needs to get used to my new habit, and I hope that they will adjust with in the 21 days 🙂 My partner is great and very supportive, most probably because he really enjoys his alone time in the evening. My daughter on the other hand senses that I´m no longer in bed and has been joining me in meditation or yoga.

Here is how it went day by day:
DAY 1. Whohoo I love first days.

  • 5.30am the alarm goes off, (I snooze once before sneaking out of the bedroom.)
  • Drink my morning elixir, consisting of a glass of water mixed with 1/2 lemon, apple cider vinegar, turmeric and black pepper.
  • Meditate for 20 min
  • Put on my running shoes to go for an EASY 5 kilometer jog.

Coming back the other two were waking up. I even had time to go back to bed to be there when my daughter woke up. The best time of the day:-)
I honestly must admit that I´m very surprised how easy it is today. I feel more focused and have had more energy throughout the day than I usually have. Now its 22.15 and I’m off to sleep.


DAY 2. Where I bumb in to the first little obstacle.

  • Long before my alarm rings, my daughter wakes up, which she rarely does.
  • I spend my early morning trying to get her back to sleep… . -until I give up.
  • We both get up and have a cozy early morning.

In a way I managed to meet my challenge, but not with my original intention. I guess it´s ok, but I was extremely tired and I hit my bed by 21.30 zzzzzzz


DAY 3. I feel a cold coming on!

  • When the alarm goes off at 5.30 am. I lay in bed for a few minutes. In spite of my pounding head and aching body I get up, blow my nose drink my elixir and get comfortable on my meditation pillow.
  • About halfway my daughter comes and “joins” my meditation.
  • We sit together in silence for a few moments, before she decides that we have now finished and we are both going back to bed to read.
  • That´s what we do! (Luckily I don´t have much on my schedule today, so I will get into some easy moving later on and tend to my cold:-) )


DAY 4. Getting up a bit later – due to stubborn cold.

Since the cold is still climbing on to me I decided last night that I could get up a little later today. So:

  • 6.00am I get up and do a very easy yoga routine, which does wonders for my blocked nose, at least for a little while.

Today is a bit of a tough day. I have several meetings in the morning and i´m attending a workshop in another country in the afternoon. (sounds crazy but it only takes about 35-40 min from Malmö-Copenhagen). Even though everything I have done today is meaningful and has been a lot of fun, I feel heavy, tired and sick!


DAY 5.  Exhausted but determined!

… And had I not been sharing this, I´m quite sure that I would have hit snooze and gone back to dreamy wonderland. I lay in bed for a while having a long conversation with myself. When I finally get up at 6.00 another little person also wakes up – of course. Some people might judge me out as a bad mother, but today I give her a banana and an i iPad, while I enjoy 20 mins of me-time on the mat.



Last night I decided that would allow myself one day off. I needed to sleep to get rid of the cold that had (and still does) occupied my body. -AND it´s Sunday. (so many excuses I know)
However- to reflect on how the day has been, I feel a difference when I don´t get that me-time in the morning. I actually don’t think it really matters what I spend that time doing in the morning, but it gives me a moment to find out today´s “state of me” and set an intention for the day.


DAY 7. I´m flying out of bed

  • Up at 5.30.
  • Makes my morning elixir and sit down to meditate, but:
  • About 10 minutes in, my daughter calls me, but today I manage to get her back to sleep
  • back on my mat for a 30 min easy morning yoga session.
  • I hit the shower and the rest of the family wakes up.

-wonderful…. – this might actually be working:-) This week I have more work than I usually have, so I really need this me-time more than ever. Big success today 🙂
This was the first week of my 21 days, becoming a morning person challenge. All in all I´m excited – I really think this works.
I hope you will join me for another update next week.

IMG_9678  21 days to form a new habit – part one! IMG 9678



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  • Reply Anders November 22, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Nice work Kirstine. You are also really good to express your feelings and also to express them in writing.

    • Reply thebalancingsoul November 22, 2016 at 1:29 pm

      Thank you so much for your nice words Anders. This was a fun challenge 🙂 I´m glad you are reading.

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