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21 days to form a new habit – part three!

August 30, 2016

I have reached the end of my 21 days-getting up early challenge! – It´s been a bit of a ride.

For this post I have been in doubt: should I really write my experiences day by day again like the earlier posts– even though it would mean a LOT of repeating myself. I decided to do so for two reasons:

1: to make it similar to the other posts

2: because I think It´s pretty positive for my challenge that I repeat my actions 🙂 (since repetition is part of the challenge: get up early and do good stuff for yourself).


And now:

Is this challenge working for me!? Is it really possible for me to settle a new habit in 21 days?

My answer is Yes its working, but NO – I couldn’t do it in 21 days, and I need other rules. Will I keep trying: hell yeah!


This has been a pretty tough challenge and was I not writing about it and publishing it, I´m not sure I would have had that many early days. Writing about it has really kept me on my on the right track, and when tempted to think “… ahh what the heck, i´ll start again on Monday…” I have been pulled right back because writing about it´s giving me a tool to finetune my progress and recognise what I need to do to settle this new habit that I want to develop.

However, it is getting easier, and I believe that in time it will become a habit. One I will really enjoy. This quiet time in the morning where I´m all by myself, meditating and training, really does wonders for me. It makes me more focused and able to be more present in every moment throughout the day. Therefore I will continue to get up early but also schedule in one or two mornings each week, where I can enjoy the waking up later – without any guilty feelings. Also I want slow weekend mornings with my family.


For those of you who have not seen my initial post you can read my motivation below or you can find the whole post here

I´ve always wanted to become a morning person – you know one of those people who gets up at 5.30 to meditate, go for a run or do yoga and shower and maybe even have the breakfast ready for the rest of the family before they wake up. This past year i have been extremely tired and in need for MANY hours of sleep (when i could sleep at all) but now that I have a little more energy I´ve decided to give this a try! – why not! what´s to loose

Getting up at 5.30 will give me the opportunity to get some time alone for training and meditation.


Here´s how the last 7 days went day by day

DAY 15 I can do this easily

  • 5.30 alarm rings and I get up
  • drinking my morning elixir
  • meditate for 30 min
  • do MediYoga for 30 min
  • shower and the rest of the family get´s up. We have breakfast together .

Today im doing a ballet class in the morning followed by a long lunch date with a good friend, a bit of work in the afternoon – and that´s it! A perfect day in my perspective 🙂


DAY 16 On the right track

  • I snooze once and get up at 5.45
  • drink my elixir
  • meditation 30 min
  • breakfast with my family
  • when they leave I put on my shoes and take an easy jog

I get home, shower and I´m off to assist a photoshoot – another perfect day 🙂


DAY 17 Not on top of my game

  • I snooze once – I snooze twice and I get up just before 6
  • Drink elixir and meditate for 20 min
  • Preparing breakfast and shower before the others wake up
  • Off to the office

I feel a bit stressed, tired and not really on top my game today.


DAY 18 Taking it easy

  • 5.45 get up
  • meditation 30 min followed by an easy 5k jog

Since yesterday was a littlle hectic I´m taking it a little easy today. I´m going to a MediYoga class at noon and some studying later on.


DAY 19 No excuses!

I dident make it today – no excuses!

Just an easy morning with my loved ones and off to Copenhagen in the afternoon to celebrate a beautiful friend turning 40.


DAY 20 Day off zzzzzz


DAY 21 The final day

  • 5.30 alarm rings and I get up
  • drinking my morning elixir
  • meditate for 30 min
  • do Pilates for 30 min
  • shower and the rest of the family get´s up. We have breakfast together .

Today I´m visiting a school where I´ll be teaching next week and I have a few hours of officework to tend to. I feel both connected, focused and effective today. I can feel all the good things that comes from these early mornings. It’s a good day to end the challenge 🙂


IMG_9984  21 days to form a new habit - part three! IMG 9984



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  • Reply Poul Anker August 30, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    jeg synes godt, at mit engelsk ikke er, hvad det har været, men jeg får stavet mig igennem, og det er livsbekræftende.

    • Reply thebalancingsoul August 30, 2016 at 6:00 pm

      Tak for din søde besked, jeg er glad for at du læser med 🙂

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