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A new beginning

August 8, 2016

In the summer 2015 I was diagnosed with a Burnout. I had collapsed with stress and had to accept a sick leave for the next 11 months.

Here at The Balancing Soul, I want to share with you my journey towards getting a healthy and balanced lifestyle with everything that this includes – body, mind and soul! I want to invite you to join my journey, in the hope that it will be enlightening for the both of us.

Right now I´m going through a great personal transformation – It´s crazy, it´s scary, but above all it´s exciting and beautiful. And that’s exactly what I want to write about here at the blog, life’s beautiful moments and all that is found to be thankful for. For me it has turned out to be: Healing, training, meditation and personal development. Things I probably wouldn’t have given myself permission to spend so much focus on, if I hadn’t had my breakdown.

A very long time ago I decided to start a blog…… time passed with thinking about it and planning it. I must admit that, in this writing moment, I´m terrified. Terrified to take the first real step into cyper universe, because what will happen with what I write. Who will read it? How will you react? Am I relevant? And lots of other questions down those lines. But my fear also tells me that this is what I should do! We are so many people who go through lifechanges like this, and I would love for this blog to be a place to explore this opportunity, thrown upon us by life itself, for changing our life to the better.


Here´s the short version of my story.

Burnout is a strange condition and very difficult to describe as a unit, because it is very individual and extremely unpredictable.


I lost my passion, my creative urge, my humor, time was lost in a fog and I was constantly sad, tired and unhappy. I am both lucky and grateful that I have a family and close friends that understands and supports me because otherwise I probably would not have been able to take so much time out to slowly getting life back.

This break has been extremely necessary and It has given me the sensation of landing in myself and my body again and the opportunity to get in touch with a more spiritual side of me and the feeling of getting life and inspiration back. It isn’t over yet. I still have roads to travel.

Now I want to turn it around, embrace the breakdown as a part of my life and hopefully be an inspiration to others to get more balance in life 🙂


I hope you feel like joining my journey, and do it with love and curiosity for life.

Yours sincerely, 

Kirstine Ilum

DSC03934 a new beginning A new beginning DSC03934


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