about About DSC5364 2My name is Kirstine. I made The Balancing Soul, so that I can share with you my journey from mental burnout towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle – body, mind and soul!

I believe in healing and health through movement, stillness, nutrition, spirituality and importantly spending time with loved ones!

We are so many people who stumble into difficult life changes – and I would love for this blog to be a place to explore this opportunity, thrown upon us by life itself, for changing our life to the better.

I´m the mother of a little wonderful girl (3 years old) and I live in Malmö, Sweden, with my life partner.

My professional background is mainly within the Performing Arts. I´m a professional dancer and choreographer and have worked in the Performing arts for almost two decades. Besides my career in the performing Arts I´m also a Bodytherapist, Personal trainer, Pilates teacher and a MediYoga instructor.

I was busy, I wanted to be everywhere, I ran, and I hit the wall!

In the summer of 2015 I had a Burnout and was on sick leave for the next 11. months. This became 11 months of intense work on personal healing including movement, yoga, mindfulness meditation, KBT and Nutrition.
This forced break was extremely necessary and It has given me the sensation of landing in myself and my body again. Also it has given me the opportunity, and gift, to get in touch with a more spiritual side of myself, and the feeling of getting life and inspiration back.

Today I´m, even if it sounds a little crazy, very grateful for my breakdown. I´m grateful that my body reacted to the stress I inflicted on it. I´m also very grateful for the people, my family and close friends, that are there for me in the darkest of times. I´m grateful that I have landed in my body again, and that I have allowed myself to begin my spiritual journey.

I hope you feel like joining my journey and that I can be an inspiration towards a more balanced life.

Always feel free to contact me, either by e-mail or by leaving a comment.
Thanks for stopping by!

With love and curiosity,