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Delicious vegan mango and raspberry ice-cream

August 13, 2016

icecream1  Delicious vegan mango and raspberry ice-cream icecream1icecream2  Delicious vegan mango and raspberry ice-cream icecream2


This delicious recipe I got from my very dear friend Reut when we went to visit her and her beautiful family in Israel last year. Reut and I know each other from when we danced together i Holland almost 15 years ago and she has always been an amazing cook.
I have experimented with the recipe a lot and basically you can add any fruit or berry to it to your taste.

Here is the version i did today: 

2 handfuls of soaked cashew nuts (I leave them overnight)
15-20 soft dates – remove the stone
1 fresh mango or a handful of frozen mango
1 banana (could be left out) 
1 big handful of raspberries (fresh or frozen)

Put everything in a blender or use a strong hand mixer and blend till smooth. I always use the hand mixer because I find the blender, even if it´s strong can’t do the job.

Place the ice-cream in smaller cans and put it in the freezer.
The ice-cream needs a bit of time out of the freezer to get the best text texture before serving, which is why it´s smart to keep it smaller cans.

Enjoy 🙂 


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