Importance of sleep -Is sleep really that important?

January 24, 2017
importance of sleep

Ironically enough, I wrote the outline for this post Importance of sleepIs sleep really that important? one Wednesday night around 2am – during my last period of insomnia. During the same night I created the draft for a programme of 7 exercises for better sleep.
It was 2.11 am in the morning, and I had been lying in bed for a few hours, my thoughts everywhere, not able to sleep. I decided to get up, drink a cup of tea and do something. As I was sitting in my kitchen being quite frustrated that I wasen´t able to sleep (again) I decided to start working on a little yoga-sequence that would be able to calm me down. I will share this programme with you next week.


Our sleeping patterns plays a vital role in our health and overall life balance. In fact; getting enough sleep is just as important as a healthy diet and exercising. During sleep our thought processes turns off, and our brain cells begins to recover. Even our muscles relaxes and the breathing slows down.

Most people have probably experienced waking up feeling fatigued after a night of poor sleep. But what reactions does your body and mind have when this happens night after night after night?
During my burnout – both before I knew I was sick and in periods during and after my sick leave – I have had periods of rubbed sleeping patterns. The only difference today is that I know a little more, and have a few more tools to use if my sleeping patterns get out of hand.


What happens if you don´t get enough sleep?importance of sleep importance of sleep Importance of sleep -Is sleep really that important? FullSizeRender 1

Our sleeping patterns are often the first to get disturbed during periods of high stress, and it does not make matter better.

Already after one night of disrupted sleep you might wake up feeling irritable and drowsy. It might also make it harder for you to make decisions or remember little things.

If you have continuous sleep deprivations, it is an enormous strain on your overall health. Your immune system relies on sleep to keep you healthy and help you fight common infections. Lack of sleep also links to increased inflammation and has an impact on depression – among others.


How much sleep do we need?

In our household, we have had some discussions about how much sleep is needed, and there is no doubt that my partner can function with less sleep than me.

However – as it might be personal how much we need – the norm is, that an adult should have about 7-8 hours sleep every night. I wonder how many people actually get that much sleep?

As the mother of a little person, 7-8 hours of continuous sleep feels like wishful thinking.
Unfortunately good quality sleep is often one of the first things to be compromised when we have a busy schedule or we are overstressed. And then a downward spiral begins.

Many methods out there promises to help us. Some of them works, and others are just to make money of us.

For me I have found a few things that works, and one of them is the right exercises at the right time of day. you can find the whole programme of 7 simple yoga exercises that will help you calm down and relax before you go to bed right here.

Another little help is a wonderful relaxing winding down drink. You can find the recipe for Golden Milk – the perfect goodnight drink right here




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