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August 27, 2016

 It´s the little things that give life it´s magic


With this post i´m launching a new concept LittleBigThings. LittleBigThings is about embracing the small beautiful things in my every day life. It´s a simple visual universe with focus on the small moments captured with my phone.


IMG_9550  LittleBigThings#1 IMG 9550

(sunset at Västra Hamnen in Malmö)

IMG_9634  LittleBigThings#1 IMG 9634

(bounty jar and coffee stains)

IMG_9727  LittleBigThings#1 IMG 9727

(this little one makes me happy every day)

IMG_9767  LittleBigThings#1 IMG 9767

(had the pleasure of assisting a photoshoot this week, or was this during the lunch break )

IMG_9823  LittleBigThings#1 IMG 9823

(and another from same shoot)

IMG_9957  LittleBigThings#1 IMG 9957

(jumping in the sea after a long warm day)

IMG_9988  LittleBigThings#1 IMG 9988

(a beautiful and special flower flower gift from a special friend)


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