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November 28, 2016

It´s the little things that give life it´s magic

The last couple of weeks has been pretty crazy and I´ve had to make some tough decisions. Normally I´m a pretty spontaneous person and I do not have far from my first thought or idea to action. I will go into any project with full power and all my heart. However this time of my life is time for sustainable planning to be able to keep my focus on what´s really important both for me and my family.
I´ve had to say no to a couple of fantastic projects. Amazing projects working with good people that believe in. This, only to make space for my own work and idea to come through. To give space for me to prioritize and build my working core with integrity and on long term basis.
The pictures this week is about the nature, some captured in nature others I´ve brought nature into my home. Nature is for me a place of reflections. In nature I´m able to quiet my mind and make important decisions. 🙂

LittleBigThings#6 littlebigthings#6 LittleBigThings#6 IMGP3199 e1480323704811

(My daughter´s art I love every piece)

LittleBigThings#6 littlebigthings#6 LittleBigThings#6 IMGP4594 e1480324186150

(Light reflection)

LittleBigThings#6 littlebigthings#6 LittleBigThings#6 IMGP4526 e1480323899471


LittleBigThings#6 littlebigthings#6 LittleBigThings#6 IMGP4615 e1480324689901

(more reflections)

LittleBigThings#6 littlebigthings#6 LittleBigThings#6 IMGP4597 e1480324617426

(and more)

There is so much wickedness in our world today and life can be both hard, challenging and terrifying. And I believe that it´s especially important to remember all the things that make your life wonderful. In my LittleBigThings project I´m trying to capture simple everyday moments or things to remind me that life is wonderful and magical.

Love, K


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