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March 14, 2017

It´s the little things that give life it´s magic

It was a while since I posted a “LittleBigthings” I have been very busy working on and opening my new local business Balance Room.
There have been plenty of little things and moments to capture, but I have not been very good bringing my camara around.
But I´m here now 🙂
This time in my little big things I´m sharing some pictures from my new Balance Room. My room is not quite finished yet in these pictures – but the warm spirit is there already. -It feels a bit like coming home!
Balance Room is my new oasis in the middle of Malmö, Sweden. From here I work with MediYoga and different types of Body treatments and personal training, with the most amazing colleagues.
I will write about these adventures more in details in another post as soon as I get around to do that.

Enjoy this little glimpse of an emerging paradise 🙂

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There is so much wickedness in our world today and life can be both hard, challenging and terrifying. And I believe that it´s especially important to remember all the things that make your life wonderful. In my LittleBigThings project I´m trying to capture simple everyday moments or things to remind me that life is wonderful and magical.

Love, K



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